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    Helping you plan, finance and navigate your global journey.

  • Planning the Journey

    Ctech Business Acceleration is a venture catalyst. Our focus is on making businesses global through our unique methodologies and services...

    • Assess future market trends based on research and an understanding of the research community.

    • Determine client company capabilities, strengths and weaknesses in technology, management, funding and culture.

    • Undertake Opportunity Audits to assess the range of options available that best suit the client's needs and the end user requirements.

    • Design, develop and critically assess a number of possible commercialisation strategies for a product or business and rank them.

    • Implement, manage and monitor the evolving preferred strategy to ensure its optimum performance through our Business Accelerator.

  • Our Value Proposition

    Building Value

    Outcome Focused

    We work with you collaboratively to achieve mutual success for both short-term milestones and long term objectives.

    Stakeholder Engagement 

    We understand the needs of the stakeholders - Management, staff, directors, suppliers, researchers, scientists, inventors, distributors, channels, sales, end users and influencers to name a few. We build communication channels, relationships and business structures for optimum stakeholder engagement.

    Strategy with Implementation

    To be successful you must implement the right strategy. We recognise that Strategy and Implementation are closely coupled and we are specialists at developing both sides - From the market demand and end user experience through to design, manufacture and distribution. We then ensure the two work together to maximise success and minimise risks (and costs) using our Business Accelerator.

    Real-World Experience

    We are proven entrepreneurs who have successfully founded, grown and sold companies. Our experience helps you navigate the journey successfully

    Applied Knowledge

    We have wide technology and market knowledge in Australia and internationally. We are collegial and apply and share our knowledge.

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